Every year, we gather in an event hosted by our Founding Chairman Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor to celebrate Al Habtoor Group’s top performing employees across all the units at our Employee Excellence Awards (EEA) ceremony.

The EEA programme was first launched in 2007 by our Chairman to recognize and reward exceptional talent across all the Group’s units including Habtoor Hospitality, Al Habtoor Motors, Diamondlease, Emirates International Schools, Al Habtoor Real Estate and Al Habtoor Group head office.

Year on year, our nominees are selected across the units via a comprehensive structure that takes into account the nominees’ professionalism, positivity, loyalty, motivation, leadership and outstanding performance.

The screening process is guided by the Awards Working Committee, monitored by the Audit Committee, and approved by the Awards Board. All these committees are formed by members from each of the Al Habtoor Group’s business units.

We strive to have an effective reward system that motivates the desired behaviours, that is why we constantly evaluate the rewards and strategies utilized, making sure the recompenses are linked to, or based on performance.

Transparency, fairness and objectivity are essential to the programme’s success. The overall guide of the EEA is available for all to review and comment on. You can do so by emailing us on We look forward to receiving your observations and suggestions.

Noura Badawi
Chief Communications Officer
Al Habtoor Group

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