EEA 2018

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, It gives great pleasure to be here tonight and to award our best performing staff. I am proud of all their achievements. A big number of our winners this evening come from India, a fact that does not surprise me. I know our Indian staff to be hardworking, honest, leaders in their area of expertise, motivated and ambitious to grow. They are partners in our success since the start, and I thank them for their loyalty. Succeeding in today’s world is a challenge, and I prefer not to look at things through rose- coloured glasses. Indeed, we have achieved great things, but we still have not achieved what I want. We have not yet reached the goals I have set for us. We have a long way ahead of us, and we need to put our hands together, think positively and not let problems or obstacles deter us. People who are discouraged by problems are not our people. Ladies and gentlemen, “trying our best” is not enough and should be omitted from our dictionary, Believe me when I tell you that everything is possible provided we put our hands together. I cannot do it alone. No one cannot do it alone. We must work together, think together to achieve together. One of the strengths in our Group, as in Dubai and the UAE, is that you find people from all corners of the world. We learn from each other every single minute. We learn from everybody, men and women... from Africa, Asia, Europe, England, America, we learn from each other. This is why my country is very successful. We award people who achieve. We award people who are our partners in the growth. Those who are honest and loyal to the soil of the United Arab Emirates. We appreciate everyone who contributes to our success, and that is why we achieve great results, better than anywhere in the world. This country is the safe haven of the world, ladies and gentlemen. This land is the land of opportunity. This is the truth. Nobody will discriminate against you, whether you are Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist. We are all brothers and sisters. We work under one flag. This is why we are successful! This is why we are achieving results at the end of the day! We have to work hard. We should not give up. Competition is strong everywhere in the world, but we must remember that in the United Arab Emirates, and in particular Dubai, we are more successful than anywhere in the world because we work together. I have worked in Europe, in the United States, almost everywhere in the Arab world and we are number one, believe me! We can and will achieve more and more together in the coming years. I wish you all the best. Thank you very much. Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Founding Chairman Al Habtoor Group